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USA launched World’s First Flying Bike

Last weekend, the world’s first hoverbike debuted in the US called the XTurismo, developed by a Japanese start-up called Aerwins Technologies. This bike has a sporty, fiction-inspired look, with exposed carbon fiber. Its panels surround razor-sharp bodywork, making it a true Head of itsTurner.

This is the world’s first flying bike. XTurismo hoverbike can fly for 40 minutes and reach 100 km / h.

The bike debuted at his Detroit Auto show and even made its maiden flight. There are 6 propulsion fans under the car body to make the bike fly. The fan is driven by an internal combustion engine and allows a range of 40 kilometers. The XTurismo weighs around 300 kg, has a top speed of 100 km/h and a payload of 100 kg.

Reports indicate that the hoverbike will get even better. Currently, motorcycles have limited range and flight time and are very noisy due to propeller and combustion engine noise.

In addition, current vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) legislation does not allow XTurismo to be commercialized. Nevertheless, Aerwins values ​​the XTurismo at a whopping $777,000 (Rs 1.84 crore).



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