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WhatsApp Introduces High-Quality Video Sharing in Latest iOS Update

WhatsApp, the immensely popular messaging app, is introducing two exciting new features as part of its latest iOS update including high-quality video sharing to enhance user experience. This update is set to significantly improve media sharing, which has been a common pain point for users across various social media platforms.

High Quality Videos Sharing Feature:

One of the new features unveiled by WhatsApp is the ability to send high-quality videos. According to WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp news, this feature aims to address the issue of diminished video quality during sharing. Previously, WhatsApp had introduced “HD photos” for iOS, allowing users to share higher-quality images while preserving their original dimensions. When utilizing this feature, a new tag is added to the message bubble, signifying that the photo is of superior quality. Interestingly, some users have observed a similar tag when sending videos, although the functionality was automated and lacked user control.

With the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS, selected beta testers can experiment with the ability to send high-quality videos. Users will now see the option to choose the HD setting when selecting a video for sharing. This option ensures that the video’s dimensions remain intact, thereby maintaining the shared media’s quality. It’s worth noting that a light compression process is still applied to the video, meaning that it cannot be shared in its original quality. Nonetheless, users can expect a noticeable improvement in video quality while sharing.

To leverage this feature, users will need to manually select the high-quality option each time they send a video. However, the default option will remain set to standard quality. Once the video is sent, it will be marked as a high-quality video within the chat’s message bubble. It make it easier for recipients to identify videos shared in superior quality. However, it’s important to mention that this feature currently does not apply to videos sent through WhatsApp’s status updates.

Profile Icon Enhancement

In addition to the high-quality video sharing feature, WhatsApp’s latest update also brings enhancements to profile icons within group chats. Specifically, the thumbnails of contacts who have hidden or unavailable profile pictures have been revised. Under this update, the thumbnails will now display the initials of the respective group members’ names. It will allow other participants in the conversation to quickly identify the person represented by the thumbnail.

The update is accessible through the TestFlight app and will soon be rolled out to a wider user base.



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