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ZeroSlip is launching Smart Receipts in place of Paper Receipts

We all receive paper receipts when we shop somewhere. These paper receipts are causing many underlying dangers and hazards. Trees have to be cut down to make paper. Our world is already suffering and these kinds of needs are adding more to its suffering. Businesses should introduce smart receipts in place of paper receipts to reduce the cutting of trees for paper production.

The Founder of ZeroSlip Khurram Bashir addresses these concerns by taking a great initiative. He came up with the idea of ZeroSlip to reduce paper usage.

ZeroSlip is introducing an idea for businesses to switch from paper receipts to smart receipts. When a customer pays during the checkout, they will have the option to get their receipt through SMS by providing their contact number. They will receive a link via SMS which will also be saved on the ZeroSlip App. Customers will also receive a barcode in case of returns or refunds.

Retailers can also interact with their customers through ZeroSlip to leave their reviews and feedback on their shopping experience. These reviews will be automatically added to google reviews. 

ZeroSlip will also have a Warranty Reminders feature. In a world where everyone is too busy to remember warranty dates, ZeroSlip is working to make our lives easy. ZeroSlip will send a message to the customer as a reminder about the warranty.

This great idea of paperless receipts by ZeroSlip will make the earth greener and safer by reducing paper usage.

The industries which can use ZeroSlip for their benefits:

  • Supermarkets, Convenience stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Apparel 
  • Retail
  • Hospital

ZeroSlip is not only benefiting businesses but it is also useful for customers. It is difficult to keep every receipt safe. With ZeroSlip customers do not have to worry about keeping the receipts safe. They can access their receipts any time anywhere with just their mobile phones.

Benefits of Paperless Receipts:

  • Reduction in carbon footprint results in a safe environment
  • Saving trees
  • Keeping track of payments
  • Ease of accessibility 
  • No worry about misplacing a receipt

ZeroSlip Smart Receipt is undoubtedly a great initiative taken in saving the world and reducing the carbon footprint. We must play our part too by opting for smart receipts in place of paper receipts. Switch to ZeroSlip Smart Receipts and Save Earth!

Link to ZeroSlip website:



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