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10 Best Eid Gift Ideas for Family and Friends in 2023

Eid is the most popular celebrated Muslim festival of the year. It celebrates the end of Ramadan, the holy month in which Muslims fast from sunrise to the end of daylight. Furthermore, Eid ul Fitr is a time of joy, celebration, and group-based gatherings. Traditional Eid rituals include eating delicious Eid meals and presenting Eid presents to loved ones, friends, and family. Giving and receiving gifts is a fundamental pillar of Islam, Prophet Muhammad taught. 

Best Eid Gifts Ideas: 

Muslims come together on Eid ul Fitr to give thanks to Allah after an entire month of reflection with loved ones and friends. The occasion serves as a reminder for Muslims to be appreciative of their blessings and to help people who are needy and penniless. Furthermore, the traditional gift exchange amongst loved ones is vital during Eid celebrations. There are multiple gift ideas for family and friends. 

1. Chocolate Basket 

An enjoyable and decadent present for any celebration, especially Eid, might be a chocolate basket. There are a couple of ideas for making a delectable chocolate gift basket. The versatile chocolates, chocolate truffle, fruit mix chocolate, chocolate brownies, and customized chocolate set. 

2. Eid Money Envelopes

Eid Money Envelopes: Children receive money gifts on Eid in traditional “Eidi” or “Eidiya” envelopes or packets. Beautifully created Eid money envelopes are available in a variety of designs and hues to make a thoughtful and useful present.

3. Clothes 

Kids love to dress up to celebrate Eid and look forward to the chance to wear brand-new clothes on this blessed occasion. For young girls, parents may choose to buy shararas or salwar kameez, or both. Furthermore, males may choose to wear a shirt and pants. Similarly, Clothing can be a meaningful gift, especially for people who like to dress up for Eid celebrations.

4. House Décor Objects

Accessories for the house, including beautiful trays for kitchen use, candlesticks for dining tables, and artwork on walls, can make elegant and useful gifts. These are the best and most meaningful gifts ever to enhance the style of houses. 

5. Fragrances

Fragrances are a common gift option. There are various types and elegant perfume bottles in the market. Think about giving your loved ones a fine perfume with a fragrant aroma that will serve as a reminder of the wonderful occasion of Eid. 

6.Customized gift baskets 

Personalized Eid gift baskets can be made with sweets like truffles, nut butter, sweets, and Dates coated with chocolates. Furthermore, in this hamper, you can put multiple things like skincare products, sweets, clothes, bags, and many more. These customized baskets are very attractive and thoughtful for your family members and friends. 

7. Jewellery 

For loved ones and family, Jewellery can be a classic and beloved gift.  Consider the person’s personal preferences, metal or gemstone sensitivities, and style when choosing jewellery as a gift. To guarantee its quality and authenticity, choosing jewellery from trustworthy vendors is also crucial. Cheers to giving!

8. Spending time with family

The best Eid gift is time, which has greater value than anything else. People should take pleasure in Eid al-Fitr to spend time with their relatives and friends. You’ll get lots of opportunities to spend with your loved ones because the festivities last for three days. Create enjoyable things you can perform with your children. Throw a special supper, plan games, decorate the house, and connect with the distant family online to give it a memorable occasion.

9. Fresh Flowers Eid gifts 

Freshly selected bouquets or decorations in vases will not only make lovely Eid gifts for those nearest to your heart but will also make your place of residence more inviting for visitors. Some excellent choices for flowers include peony plants, roses, lilies, and daisies. Peonies are a symbol of success and wealth. Among the most popular and timeless flowers is the rose! Send your family a basket of flowers as a beautiful Eid present for luck to enhance their day!

10. Charity

The Holy Month is marked by giving and being kind to those who are in need. Any organization can use your support right now, regardless of how much we can afford to give. Many groups, including Islamic centers and mosques, Muslim Help, Giving Hand for Charity and Development. Additionally, there are mosques and Islamic Relief centers, you can also aid thousands of children by sending them various Eid gifts or by other assistance.



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