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Best way to Remove Account on Instagram

Do you no longer wish to use Instagram, and are you tired of using it with a small number of followers? Following that, as an insurance policy, why not permanently erase and cancel your Instagram account? However, today we will go through some easy actions that anyone may use to permanently erase their account.

Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular apps for a variety of reasons. If it isn’t for you, you may easily erase your profile. Perhaps, you discovered that it isn’t a good fit for your target market or your growth objectives. Alternatively, you may be simplifying your business accounts to prevent unnecessary messaging or administrative overwhelm.

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to remove your account on Instagram if the most recent updates to the app are not what you’re searching for. Before deleting, you might want to back up your account information in case you later require it. Be aware that the information will be provided in laptop-readable HTML rather than as individual profile images, films, or messages.

On iOS, Best way to Delete an Instagram Account

Step 1:

Open the Instagram app and log in. Next, hit the menu button on three lines located on the upper right side of the screen.

Step 2:

Select the account and click Settings.

Step 3:

Select the delete account option. Instagram will recommend deactivating rather than deleting. Deactivation makes your account invisible and is always reversible. Tap Delete account if you still want to remove the Instagram account permanently.

Step 4:

Verify the deletion.

You’ll be asked once more by Instagram.

Are you certain about this?

To avoid accidental deletions and irate users, Instagram drags out the procedure, which you might argue is both tedious and beneficial. Instagram questions your reasoning for deleting it. The giving of your password, as well as your response, are both requirements. You can permanently remove your account by using the remove the username option on this site.

How to Remove an Account on Android?

You cannot remove your Instagram account via the Android version of the application you have on your phone. However, you can access Instagram through your web browser and remove your account there.

How to Remove Instagram From Your Computer’s Desktop

  1. Firstly, Open a computer or mobile browser to open
  2. Secondly, type the URL
  3. You must directly input this URL after logging in. Because there is no method to get to it via
  4. Choose a response to “Why would you decide to delete your account?” from the drop-down menu.
  5. After selecting an answer, you are going to be required to enter your password again.
  6. You are going to receive a message asking you permanently delete your account.

Best Way to Remove Instagram from an iPhone

  1. Use your iPhone to open the Instagram app.
  2. Select “Account” from the drop-down menu that appears on the upper-left side of your profile.
  3. Go to “Settings” and then click “Account.”
  4. Choose “Delete account” from the options list as you move down the page.
  5. This section covers two Instagram options. Either deactivate your Instagram account or delete your account. Instagram will disable your account if you deactivate it, but you can restart it whenever you want.
  6. If you desire to remove your account from Instagram, select ‘Remove an account.’
  7. A pop-up will display with a time limit for reactivating the account. Select ‘Continue deleting an account.’
  8. Choose an option from the ‘Why do you decide to delete your account?’ drop-down box. After you select, Instagram will provide additional recommendations based on your selection. For instance, if you select too busy/too distracting.
  9. Enter your password again.
  10. Select the ‘Delete’ option.

When you finish this step, your page on Instagram will be deactivated. If you decide to change your mind, you’ve got 30 days to take action. After that, your account will be permanently removed.



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