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The International Tekken 7 Tournament Starts Finally

The King of Warriors XV (KOF 15) and Tekken 7’s are the biggest international competition in Pakistan. The International Tekken 7 Tournament 2023 started in earnest in the Expo Center Lahore.

Tekken 7 Wining prize

BAAZ is the event’s organizer. The prize pool for Tekken 7 alone is more than Rs. 2,000,000.  Similarly, the winner will receive Rs. 1,000,000, and the runners-up will receive 400,000 and 200,000 rupees.

Game Rules

There will be two pools of eight players each made up of 16 players. Further,  the Dual Round tournament structure will be used, with each pool’s randomly assigned numbers. The top rank from every group will compete against one another to decide who will win and move on to the provincial qualifiers.

Artists Join Tekken 7 Tournaments

In the meantime, competitors in KOF 15 will be battling for an overall prize of Rs. 250.000. Over 500 people from all over the globe are attending the competition. Moreover, there are well-known players like JoKa from the UK, Ulsan and CBM from Korea, German star Sephiblack, and many more. Furthermore, Awais Honey, Arslan Ash, and other local artists are present.

The International Tekken 7 Tournament, which begins today at 11 AM and ends tomorrow night, will be hosted by the announcers Tasty Steve, Spag, SamDDing, and Rip. However, the development of a Pakistani gamer into one of the world’s top Tekken players.



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