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Fiverr Collaborates with Bukayo Saka; Voice of Equality

Fiverr is now the world’s most significant marketplace for digital services, assisting many businesses to connect with skilled professionals and freelancers across the globe.

The company excitedly announced that it would partner with one of the most prominent athletes of Arsenal Football Club In England, Bukayo Saka. 

The objective of this collaboration is to encourage people to look at the world with equality, as he is already an inspiration. Not only is he considered to be a world-class sportsman and athlete, but he is also a powerful advocate of spreading equality in sports. 

Fiverr also aims to generate new opportunities regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or social and economic background. They want to work with individuals who can level the playing field and inspire them to grow their brands, dreams, or business. 

Bukayo Saka is passionate about making a better community and society for people so he will join Fiverr in this mission soon. 

The star Bukayo Saka himself stated, “Fiverr has consistently created opportunities for people of all backgrounds to build their businesses and freelance careers and make their dreams a reality. With Fiverr, I have found a company whose values match my own in amplifying the messaging around racial equity, inclusion, and diversity.”

During phase one, Fiverr will post content like videos featuring Saka. He will outline his purpose behind the partnership with Fiverr. The videos will also include testimonies from those owners of UK businesses.

The UK country manager of Fiverr, Bukki Adedapo, said, “Bukayo Saka is an inspiration – not only as a world-class athlete but as a leading voice against inequality. We are thrilled to be partnering with him. Over the coming months, we’ll be helping him to build a community program. That will give him a platform to continue the great work he’s already doing.”




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