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High Court Gives PTA 120 Days to Decide for Nayatel’s License Plea in AJK

Within 120 days, the Pakistan telecommunications authority will decide on the approval of the license by Nayatel for Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The Islamabad high court gave an order to the PTA directly.

As the prime internet service supplier, they filed the petition with the Islamabad High Court by claiming that the PTA treated them unjustly when they introduced their service to Azad Kashmir. According to the telecom rules 2000, Nayatel demands that a decision be made for their license application within 120 days, but the delayed decision due to security clearance issues is not acceptable to them.

Aamer Farooq, Justice at IHC, heard the case for Nayatel on 25 November, Friday. In the filed petition, Nayatel claims that the PTA is continuously delaying the decision and treating them unjustly.

Even after PTA accused them of some security issues, they submitted all the required clearance documents, still waiting for their response.

Nayatel affirms that the government of Azad and Jammu Kashmir gave permission for the operational verification to them right away. Nonetheless, Nayatel requested a new license from the Special Communication Organization, which provides telecommunication services in Gilgit Baltistan and AJK under the Ministry of Telecom and IT.

The company claimed that PTA purposefully delayed the decision to protect the Special Communication Organization’s business interests under Pakistan Telecommunication rules within 120 days.

On the other hand, a PTA spokesman commented on this issue. He said the PTA is willing to issue the license to Nayatel if they do some procedural formalities and security clearance in true spirit and letter. He also said the inhabitants of Azad and Jammu Kashmir are complaining about the poor provision of internet services in their areas. This is contributing to hindering the smooth educational, economic and social development of the region.



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