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Meezan Bank’s Exclusive Financing for the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition

Meezan Bank is paving the way for adventure enthusiasts with an exciting offer – interest-free financing on the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition through the Meezan Car Ijarah program. This exclusive opportunity is designed to provide a seamless and cost-effective way for customers to experience the ultimate adventure in this robust and feature-packed vehicle.

Unlocking Value with Meezan Bank:

100% Waiver of Processing Fees: Enjoy a hassle-free financing experience as Meezan Bank generously offers a complete waiver on processing fees, making your journey towards owning the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition even smoother.

Withholding Tax Covered: Meezan Bank takes a customer-centric approach by covering the withholding tax, alleviating the financial burden and enhancing the affordability of the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition.

Rental Starts After Delivery: Experience peace of mind as your monthly rental obligation begins only after the delivery of your Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition. This customer-friendly policy aligns with your convenience.

More Than 10 Add-On Features: The Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition not only promises an exhilarating driving experience but also comes bundled with over 10 add-on features and accessories, collectively valued at Rs. 500,000. This enriches your ownership experience, making every journey a memorable adventure.

Tailored Financing for Your Convenience:

Monthly Rental Structure: The monthly rental is calculated based on a 77% security deposit, ensuring a flexible and accommodating financing arrangement.

Financing Details: Avail financing of approximately Rs. 3 million for a tenure of 05 years, making it accessible for a broader range of customers.

Conclusion: With Meezan Bank’s exclusive financing offer, seizing the thrill of the Isuzu D-Max GTX Edition is now within your reach. Navigate the road less traveled with ease, knowing that Meezan Bank is committed to providing a value-packed and customer-friendly financing experience. Embark on your next adventure with confidence, backed by Meezan Bank’s innovative and hassle-free Car Ijarah program.



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