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Pak Suzuki Announced Exclusive ‘Big Islamic Financing Offer'”

Pak Suzuki and Meezan Bank have introduced a game-changing ‘Big Islamic Financing Offer’ for a select range of Suzuki models. This enticing deal is designed to deliver unprecedented benefits and savings, totaling up to Rs.650,000. Act fast, as this offer is valid only until December 31st, 2023!

Offer Highlights:

1. Financial Accessibility:

Customers can now acquire specific Suzuki models, including Alto AGS, WagonR VXL, Cultus AGS, and Swift GLX CVT, with special discounted rentals, ensuring enhanced financial accessibility.

2. Comprehensive Takaful Coverage:

Enjoy peace of mind with the inclusion of comprehensive Takaful coverage, providing robust protection for both the vehicles and their owners.

3. One Year of Free Maintenance:

This exclusive offer comes with the added advantage of one year of free maintenance, alleviating the post-purchase financial burden for customers.

4. Priority Delivery:

Experience priority delivery, potentially expediting the process for eager customers looking to own their desired Suzuki model.

Savings Breakdown:

Model Free Maintenance (Rs.) Savings on Rentals (Rs.) Total Savings (Rs.)
Alto AGS 46,000 445,920 491,920
WagonR VXL 28,000 518,400 546,400
Cultus AGS 28,000 616,860 644,860
Swift GLX CVT 39,000 352,944 391,944

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited time offer.
  • Rentals are based on ex-factory prices, 30% security deposit, 5-year tenure (Swift 40% SD and 3 years tenure), and fixed monthly rentals.
  • Savings amounts are estimated and subject to change.
  • Subject to availability of selected models.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to drive home a Suzuki with unparalleled savings and benefits! Hurry, as time is ticking on this extraordinary offer.



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