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PTCL Eyeing to Acquire Telenor Pakistan

On 22nd November 2022, Sigve Brekke the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telenor International said that “the group is looking for merger opportunities in Pakistan.”


Telecom businesses are run by Telenor Group in nine markets across Europe and Asia. It is now turning its direction to European markets as Telenor has recently started its operations in Thailand. 


In Pakistan, a parallel practice could be followed, by merging Telenor with Ufone by PTCL Group. Earlier the telecommunication services of Telenor Group have been  wrapped up in Myanmar, India, and Indonesia 


Whereas, more information on it is yet to be surface by the highly authentic source, PROPakistan about both parties to confirm when they are going to disclose the merging.  


According to the source person, in Islamabad, a team delegation of senior PTCL officials was sent to the headquarter. 


Telenor Pakistan made several attempts to exit the Pakistani market.

According to the source, “the previous attempt went undecided due to the price tag of the deal. This time, however, it seems that things have advanced to a stage where both parties have made compromises to settle the bargain, at around $700 million.”


If things go as intended for PTCL, the acquisition could result in 72 million mobile customers by merging Ufone and Telenor Pakistan. It will be almost Jazz’s long-standing leadership position with nearly 74 million customers.


In 2008, the 2nd position was lost by Ufone in terms of cellular subscribers to Telenor and never was capable to hook up again. 


Last’s year’s expanse investment for Ufone was also assumed as a brave action by the operator, given the deteriorating ARPUs, economic crunch, and political fluctuation in the country.


From this regard, it is obvious that PTCL group, with substantial support from e&, is currently examining to maintain its place in Pakistan’s telecom industry.


Here’s a brief look at a couple of stats after the proposed merger:


Ufone Current Numbers Post Merger Ufone Numbers
Customers 23.51 Million 72.04 Million
Spectrum 27.6 MHz 56.2 MHz

Not to say, Jazz has presently 47.2 MHz in diverse bands of range for its 74 million consumers, while Zong has 33.6 MHz of range for its 45 million clients, leaving the linked Ufone/Telenor as the considerable spectrum-rich operator in the industry.



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