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Punjab Imposes Fines for Buildings Without Parking

In a bid to address the persistent parking challenges in Punjab, the caretaker government has taken a decisive step, deciding to impose substantial fines on building and plaza owners who flout parking regulations. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA), in a meeting chaired by caretaker CM Mohsin Naqvi, made pivotal decisions aimed at improving traffic management and urban infrastructure.

One of the key decisions made during the meeting involves initiating legal action against building and plaza owners that violate parking rules. A hefty fine of Rs.10,000 per kanal will be imposed on those who fail to provide parking facilities within the specified timeframe. To enforce these measures effectively, amendments to the LDA Building and Zoning Rules and Regulations have been given the green light.

Recognizing the importance of tackling traffic congestion, the meeting approved the construction of U-turns and slip roads at seven critical intersections. However, a thorough assessment of traffic flow will precede the final approval, with temporary barriers being installed on roads for evaluation. Additionally, the meeting sanctioned road infrastructure improvements at 26 locations and the construction of protective U-turns between Canal Road, Harbanspura, and Jallo.

In a move aimed at optimizing resources and enhancing public spaces, the meeting approved leasing Lahore Global Village to the Punjab Central Business District Authority. Furthermore, consultant services will be enlisted for the commercialization of nine roads in Lahore, paving the way for strategic urban development.

This proactive approach by the Punjab caretaker government demonstrates a commitment to creating a more organized and efficient urban landscape. As fines loom for non-compliant building owners, these measures aim to alleviate parking issues and improve overall traffic management, promising a more convenient and streamlined experience for the residents of Punjab.



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