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Shahid Afridi Enter into the Sports Drinks Market

In a remarkable move that underscores his continued influence in the world of sports, former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi has stepped into the domain of sports beverages, launching his own brand named 10Z. This introduction adds a dynamic touch to the Pakistani market’s array of sports drinks, already popular among sports and fitness enthusiasts.

Afridi, a cricket legend renowned for his power-packed performances on the field, has translated his extensive experience into the creation of 10Z, a non-carbonated sports beverage tailored to meet the demanding needs of athletes. Speaking about the inspiration behind 10Z, Afridi emphasized the necessity for sustained energy and optimal hydration during intense matches. His vision for 10Z is clear – to empower fellow players and enthusiasts, enabling them to surpass their boundaries and achieve greatness.

Collaborating with Mehran Bottlers, 10Z has received an endorsement from Shahid Afridi, adding a significant stamp of approval to the brand. Zeeshan Habib Teli, CEO of Mehran Bottlers, expressed his honor in partnering with 10Z. He stated, “Our joint commitment to quality and excellence aims to elevate 10Z as the leading choice in the sports and fitness beverage category.”

The current fitness landscape, marked by the proliferation of fitness clubs and gyms, presents a favorable environment for sports drinks. 10Z, with its tailored formulation and Afridi’s influential backing, is poised to make a significant impact in this space.

According to 10Z, the initial market response has been overwhelmingly positive, signaling promising potential for expansion. The brand’s ambitious goal is to ensure widespread availability, spanning from Karachi to Khyber, making 10Z a household name in the sports and fitness beverage category.

As Shahid Afridi continues to leave an indelible mark on and off the cricket field, 10Z stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation. Watch out for the rise of 10Z, a game-changing venture that aims to redefine the sports drinks landscape in Pakistan.



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