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Share Your Story with ‘My Suzuki My Story’ for a Chance to Win Big!

Suzuki, a name synonymous with memories and journeys, has once again opened the doors to a treasure trove of tales with the launch of the fourth season of its digital initiative, “My Suzuki My Story.” More than just rides, Suzuki vehicles have been part of countless unforgettable moments, be it a friend’s car, your father’s bike, or a cab ride through the city.

This season invites you to relive the magic by sharing your Suzuki story, a narrative that may revolve around the excitement of learning to drive, the reassurance provided by Suzuki cars on a dark rainy night, or the joyous family adventure trip.

To participate in this exciting journey, visit and share your unique Suzuki story. The rewards? They are nothing short of spectacular, including a chance to win a brand-new Alto 660cc, a sleek GSX-125 motorcycle, or even a memorable trip to Europe.

Here’s a quick guide to submitting your entry for Suzuki’s My Suzuki My Story Season 4:

  1. Craft your Suzuki story.
  2. Choose your preferred format (Photo, Video, Audio, Document).
  3. Upload your entry on
  4. You’re all set!

Do you hold the key to the most exceptional Suzuki story? Don’t delay; pen down your narrative, capture the essence, and submit it now. Your Suzuki journey could unlock incredible prizes and be the next tale to captivate hearts!



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