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Textbook Prices in Pakistan Nearly Double in a Year

Textbook prices in Pakistan have experienced an alarming 95% surge within just a year, posing significant challenges for the low-income population already grappling with a 30% inflation rate.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan’s Inflation Monitor, the price of textbooks spiked by 94.7% since November 2022. Publishers attribute this steep increase to the elevated cost of importing paper, primarily influenced by a significant rise in the dollar’s value.

Private schools, opting for imported textbooks over domestically published ones, have flooded the market with these higher-cost options.

This surge in textbook prices comes at a critical time, with over 20 million children already out of school. The inflated costs of educational materials could further exacerbate the educational challenges faced by the nation.

The report from the Inflation Monitor also underscores sharp increases in the prices of gas, wheat flour, rice, and sugar, painting a concerning economic landscape.



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