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Instagram’s co-founders Introduced the “Artifact” App to Read the News

Instagram’s cofounders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are going to introduce a new way to stay updated on industry trends and technological advancements through the social ‘news reading app.

According to the report, published in The Verge, “The partners have launched a new venture to explore social apps which includes the debut product Artifact, a personalized news reader.”

Presently the app isn’t available publicly but it is offering its interested users a waitlist where they can sign up. As explained, it displays on google reader like a modern-day wrench. A few times back, the RSS news reader app was shut down in 2013 by Google. 

But in this case, Artifact is represented as a newsreader. For its end users, it uses machine learning to optimize its experience. While also adding social segments that permit users to discuss articles they come across with friends. 

The Verge’s article notes will be the first focused part to read the news stories by Artifact. But with the passage of time users’ interest will be adjusted more with it. 

Some of the articles, from big-name publishers, will come like, The New York Times. While the rest of the article may be from other smaller websites. 

Other key components will include a particular feed for articles that will be posted by people you follow and comment controls with their commentary. Further, for debating the post more privately a direct message inbox will be. 



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