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Zong 4G, Hands Pakistan Partner with PHA to Develop Urban Forest in Pakistan

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s third-largest telecom company, takes the initiative to address environmental concerns. Therefore, Zong and Hands collaborate with PHA to develop an urban forest in Multan. They will grow an urban forest in Aam Khas Bagh in line with Zong’s dedication to a clean and green Pakistan.

The Zong 4G team and Hands successfully planted over 700 trees in the city to develop an urban forest. After cooperation with PHA, a diverse selection of trees, including Sukhchain, Amaltas, Terminalia, and Lemon, along with ten other types, were planted.

This step is an effort from Zong to counter the destruction of climate change affecting the country. The importance of planting trees and preserving the environment is greater than ever.

PHA Chairman Ejaz Hussain Janjua and a representative from the disabled community, Nadir Ali Khan, District Project Manager, along with Zong 4G volunteers, attended the event.

“It is imperative that major stakeholders recognize our country’s current issues. Zong is making an active effort to play its role in addressing them. I’m proud to say that our organization does its absolute best to give back to society,” noted the spokesperson of Zong 4G.

“As a company that realizes the importance of preserving the environment and making it better for future generations. Zong will continue on its agenda of countering the negative impacts of climate change facing Pakistan,” he added.

Talking about the plantation drive, Raima Mehmood, Manager Natural Resource Management Department, Hands, shared:

“This activity was initiated as part of the HANDS Natural Resource Management Department. It plans to promote tree plantation in urban settlements to reduce environmental stress. Hands afforestation drive will make Multan more resilient to climate change.”

“We thank our partners Zong 4G, for taking the initiative. Our NGO hopes that together we will continue to develop more urban forests in the future,” she added.

Zongis the third largest mobile service with 44 million subscribers, among which 28 million are 3G/4G LTE subscribers. Zong has a market share of 22% among cellular operators in the country.   



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